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7 Modules of detailed, step by step training with fully customizable proven templates to directly import onto your website for every single stage of the Sales Funnel, No matter your Market! - Including the Optin, Bonus, Thank You, Training Pages & Download Pages  $7,623 (Minimum)
Completely Importable Twelve Day - Auto Responder Followup Email Sequence for the three Evergreen Markets: Health, Wealth & Relationships. Just Select Your Respective Market, Fill in the Blanks & import into Autoresonder. Newsletter Page Templates Included for Ongoing Customer Relationships! ($597 Value)
Clear and Comprehensive Content Roadmap, Layout and Schedule, Complete Traffic Cheat Sheet with Pre-Publish Content Structure Checklist, Fill in the Blank Blog Post Template and Complete Road Map with Daily Action Plan! ($1,497 Value)
Bonus #1 Conception Code: Master the Art of Language Generation - using Education-focused Prompts and Expert Guidance - Enhanced Chatbot Development - All in One GPT Mastery' - Elevate Your Creative Writing Game with AI-Powered Prompt Engineering ($97.16 Value)
Bonus #2 Elemerce: Mobile ECommerce Accelerator: The Comprehensive Playbook for Selling OnlineCreate an Effective Online Store -  Learn about different e-commerce platforms and choose the right one for your business, Maximize Your Revenue with Proven Strategies and Techniques ($117.22 Value)
Bonus #3: Hometic: Advanced Home Office Techniques, Master Automation, Self-Care and Cyber Security - How to Implement Proper Cyber Security Measures, Master & Implement Automation in Your Home Office, Develop & Maintain Optimal Self Care Habits for the Home Office  ($147.31 Value)

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