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"Free Video Reveals How to Create a Profitable Online Business from scratch without Bankloans, Venture Capitol, or Prior Business Experience (No MBAs needed!) & no recruiting!"

10:08:58 Total Hours of Virtual Coaching & Consulting ($12,800 Value!)  

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Tour & Walkthrough of The Home Business Blueprint 

(Watch this video for a more in depth and closer look into each module)

What's Inside the Home Business Blueprint:

7 Modules of Step by Step Instructions, Action Guides, Checklists, Workbooks & Fill in the Blank Templates

Right on the first page in the Member’s Area, you’re immediately greeted with the introduction,
a printable “course syllabus” for you to use as you go through the course, sort of like a step by step checklist to keep on track as you go through the modules,

and then you get an image of the blueprint accompanied with a very important & essential training that even proceeds the Foundation Module:

this shows you how to find a profitable market you’re passionate about and make a full time passive income from it, we’ll be choosing from the three evergreen markets and breaking them down into the sub market that best caters to your passion, interest or style: Health, Wealth or Relationships ($297)

In the “Foundation Module” I walk you through identifying your ideal prospect aka your perfect prospect and we’re going to create a hyper-focused targeted avatar to use knowing not just demographics and geographics like most other courses, but we gather psychographics as well, and we keep these as reference as we are creating our business ($497 Value)

The “Ultimate Offer module" is valued at $1,197 because I help you to not only find a profitable product to promote that matches with your perfect prospect but I walk you through creating a lead generation magnet as “bait” & an incentive as well as developing a bonus offer to separate you from everyone selling the same or similar products, giving YOU the advantage, because this give your ideal customer even more of a reason to buy the first time they see your offer rather than later

In the “Tech Foundation Module” you look over my shoulder as I walk you through setting up your website from start to finish, after we get our domain, we configure our hosting, then secure everything with the SSL certificate, Then I show you how to create an official business email, & then we install WordPress, afterwhich I walk you through setting up the website blog & theme, and you can import my setting so really all you have to do is follow along and press a few buttons ($647 Value) once we have this setup we can

Move on to the “Sales Funnel Module” where I give you a completely Importable Twelve Day - Autoresponder Follow Up Email Sequence for the three Evergreen Markets: Health, Wealth & relationships. Where all you have to do is just select Your Respective Market, Fill in the Blanks & import into Autoresponder.Newsletter Page Templates Included for Ongoing Customer Relationships 

- The Complete Sales Funnel (Entirely Importable)

This includes:

1. The Optin Page
2. Bonus Page
3. Thank You Page
4 .Training Pages (For the Email Follow Up)

5. Download Pages (So they can Download/Or Get Access to Your Bonuses)! 

($1,597 Value)

In the “Website Pages Module” I give you importable website page templates & you just fill in the blanks, we’re going to configure and setup each individual page on the website that's shown normally in the menu area on the website, this way when people click on your links they are redirected where you want them to go, especially if they're looking for your about page (where 70 percent of most visitors go first) We’re going to create the contact page, the store page, and important particulars like the privacy policy and terms of services to keep everything official. ($297 Value)

In the "Content Layout and Roadmap Module"
right along with the blog post template to use as you go along after the course with a Pre-publish content structure checklists,

I also cover the blog author box and the sidebar where you can leverage these two spaces sort of as “advertising space” for you to either build credibility or bring people into w/ your newly created lead generation magnet, you get a Clear and Comprehensive Content Roadmap, Layout and Schedule,

With access to what I call the content factory, I show you have to created content on any subject instantly without even having knowledge on the subject and how to structure it so you generate qualified leads to your checkout pages
($1,497 Value)

In the “Traffic Generation Module” I give you the content schedule, the Complete Traffic Cheat Sheet with a Road Map & Daily Action Plan,
This is to help keep you on track and focused week by week, month by month, as you go along, this is a structured and proven daily actionable guide to accompany as you apply the traffic methods i teach in the modules the follow: where I teach you about search engine optimization, how to get a massive amount of targeted leads from facebook both free and paid, how to get traffic from youtube, and then how to track your clicks and use analytics to keep you in check and accounted for, because the only true way to grow is by measurement this way you can properly scale up ($997 Value)

Value Added Bonus Collection:

Get The Home Business Blueprint & I'll Give You $361.69 In Bonuses Training Courses...Free!

These additional training & resources compliment the Home Business Blueprint!

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I'm going to give you my new Bonus: "The Ultimate Training Collection" valued at $361.69 absolutely Free when you order the Home Business Blueprint today.

Why Am I Doing This?

I genuinely believe the Home Business Blueprint is the best possible way for anyone to create an online business in any market right from their home!

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or you've been struggling with online/offline marketing or selling products in general for a while...

The Home Business Blueprint will take you by the hand and show you how to create a sustainable evergreen, profitable online business, with proven fill in the blank templates for every step and stage of the process.

And as a way of saying "Thank You" for ordering I'm going to throw in My Free Bonus Training Collection valued at $361.69 Free of Charge!

When you use The Ultimate Training Collection in conjunction with the Home Business Blueprint

you'll get even bigger and faster results than ever before too!

Bonus #1: Conception Code - Master the Art of Language Generation
All in One GPT Mastery

Value: $97.16

In Bonus  #1: 'Conception Code' - Master the Art of Language Generation
- All in One GPT Mastery' You Will Discover:

Enhanced Chatbot Development: Learn the process of developing chatbots using GPT
Master the Art of Language Generation using Education-focused Prompts and Expert Guidance
Elevate Your Creative Writing Game with AI-Powered Prompt Engineering

Bonus #2: Elemerce: Mobile Commerce Accelerator:
The Comprehensive Playbook for Selling Online

Value: $147.31

In Bonus #2: 'Elemerce': Mobile Commerce Accelerator' You Will Discover:

How to Maximize Your Ecommerce Sales From Any Device - Increased Revenue with Proven Strategies and Techniques
Master the art of product sourcing, pricing, and inventory management
Learn about different e-commerce platforms and choose the right one for your business, Get insights into customer behavior and use data to inform business decisions.

Bonus #3: Hometic: Advanced Home Office Techniques

Value: $147.31

In Bonus #3: Hometic 'Advanced Home Office Techniques' You Will Discover:

How to Master & Implement Automation in Your Home Office
How to Maintain Optimal Self Care at Home So You're Consistently Effective and Productive
How to Implement Proper Cyber Security Measures

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business does this create?

Whether you aspire to be a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, a gardener, health and fitness coach or financial service expert, this course helps you to develop a business model and infrastructure around any product in any market regardless of the niche or industry, with no problems whatsoever, so whether you want to enter the weight loss, seduction, dog training etc. you're in the right place! The Home Business mainly focuses on the three evergreen markets : Health, Wealth & Relationships and then breaks them down into sub niches that best caters to your style or interests, ie: 'Health' broken down to it's Sub Niche would be 'Skin creams' or 'Abdominal Excercises'. By doing this, this gives you the competitive edge and advantage!

What are the computer requirements for the Home Business Blueprint?

The Home Business Blueprint operates on any modern computer or smart phone, even if you have an old laptop lying around that hasn't been used since 2010, so long as you can connect it to the internet, you're all set! However, you will need a Windows enabled desktop or laptop to get the most out of this course. If you’re a Mac user, you can download a fully functioning copy of Windows for free from Microsoft’s own website and use Bootcamp to install it or use a VPN if you don’t want to install Windows on your Mac.

Does the Home Business Blueprint work in every country? and if not what countries are excluded?

So long as you have a computer and an internet connection, the Home Business Blueprint will work anywhere in the world.

Is this a subscription service, or will it ever turn into one?

You never have to worry about me changing your access to a subscription service at any point ever. After you make your payment or 2 monthly payments (depending on the option you choose) - you have lifetime access.

I'm not tech-savvy at all, does this work for people who never built a website?

I guide you as you look over my shoulder through the business tech foundation so that you can eliminate the worry of “tech overwhelm” which is normally caused from complex and difficult videos and diagrams etc, instead this is completely broken down in english and with clear instructions allowing you to flow right through the course effortlessly, plus this saves you from having to spend extra money on additional training to get help “figuring all this out” like normally with all those other courses.

Do I have to bug friends and family or recruit people to make sales?

Absolutely not. We don't get a consistent stream of people already interested in what we have to offer by talking to friends, family or strangers in the cold market, nor do we sell meat at vegetarian conventions. We identify people who are most likely and ready to buy, and we attract them into our sales funnels to build relationships, value and sell products to. This involves zero recruiting, just fundamental business, by means of selling through messaging, marketing and matching our product with who wants them, and already looking for what we have to offer before we even talk to them.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes there absolutely is! That's how certain I am of the Home Business Blueprint. If you get started now, go through each lesson, & all of the training videos, download the bonuses & implement the work & if for any reason you feel that you didn’t get 10x more value than you invested, and you’re not absolutely thrilled, simply email me at support@homebusinessblueprint.com with your work attached, within 30 days of your purchase, & I will happily refund you 100% of every penny you paid and you’ll still keep access to "The Dojo" as a complimentary thank you for all the hard work and effort.

What if i'm not an expert and have limited knowledge on my niche?

In Module 7 you get access to "The Content Factory" where you get all the content you would ever need to dominate your chosen niche, regardless of prior experience or knowledge, although you'll get instructed in the beginning of the blueprint to choose an evergreen market that best caters towards your passions, style or interest(s), so long as you have the slight edge, knowing at least at little more than others, & providing your expertise is crucial. People value convenience, ease, and speed, and are willing to pay for it. Your distinct advantage accelerates the journey for others aspiring to your level. Remember, every expert you see today began as a beginner who took massive action. 

What if I don't have much time, or only a few hours a day to work on this?

The best thing about the Home Business Blueprint is how accesible and flexible it is, meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world and build and work on it at any time. You can work on it at any point with no restrictions & just pick up where you left off. If you treat this like something to squeeze in on the side like most other hobbies, then it doesnt interfere with what you're already doing, & doesn't require you to 'carve out time' from work or time with the family. The Home Business Blueprint walks you through setting every thing up from start to finish in the quickest, & easiest, most risk-free way possible. Each lesson contains training videos that are detailed yet concise, so you can make progress with just 15-30 minutes a day. Whether you do that first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep is entirely up to you, since all the training videos are self-paced.

Can I import the Sales Funnel with a regular wordpress website or do I need optimize press?

You cannot import my pre-made sales funnel pages without Optimize Press, but you can model them with any other drag and drop page builder, or other themes that WordPress provides. So you can use my pre-made sales funnel pages as reference in one tab as you create your own version of the page in the next tab and as long as they look the same and serve the same function you'll get equal results!

Does it take a long time for traffic generation? & do we get quality traffic, if so what's the cost?

Yes, the traffic generation module guides you through the process consistently generating extremely high quality human traffic who are ready, willing, and able to invest their money in whatever product you're offering. The Home Business Blueprint teaches both free and paid traffic methods. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can start with the free traffic methods. To guarantee you get fast results, you'll also get access to the "Fast Traffic" section which you can use in conjunction with the Home Business Blueprint to potentially generate sales as soon as today. These are proven methods that will deliver massive amounts of traffic on the same day that you implement them, & with my "automated traffic" section, you'll be able to scale up your traffic to whatever level you desire quickly and easily just by adding new automated traffic streams that only take minutes to set up and get started once you get the hang of it, which doesn't take very long, especially because I walk you through the entire process from A to Z.

Does the Home Business Blueprint get updated regularly?

Yes, I am constantly updating the Home Business Blueprint with the latest methods and revisions. Plus, every member will get all updates into their existing modules as they're added with no additional charge.

My question is not listed here.

No worries at all, just contact me at support@homebusinessblueprint.com, and i'll be more than happy to answer any question that you may have. You can also join "The Dojo" which is my private strategy group and get an answer from our other students!

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